Croatia is home to 8 national parks, and Krka national park is one of those spectacular parks. For a complete guide on Krka National Park and its beautiful waterfalls (which you can swim in!), read on for more useful information in how to navigate the park and what essentials toContinue Reading

Croatia is FAST becoming a go-to holiday spot for Europeans and the like. And now with this small country put on the world stage after their World Cup Final Debut, it’s only a matter of time before Croatia becomes an even bigger tourist location. Thinking about going to Croatia? Here’sContinue Reading

Here’s our sample itinerary from when we road-tripped to Taos, New Mexico (famous for its artists and pueblo-style art inspo) and the Great Sand Dunes National Park (famous for its, well, sand dunes, and the juxtaposition of mountains and desert). We did both locations in one week. Alternatively, you couldContinue Reading

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Travel is transformative. Think about the last time you went to see a different country, experienced a different culture, or spoke with someone who grew up a different way from you. Whether you were consciously of it or not, you were transformed and changed in some way after that experience.Continue Reading