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The Real Reason Why Crazy Rich Asians Makes Box Office Records

If you haven’t heard of the new movie “Crazy Rich Asians” and its all Asian-American cast, you’ve been living under a rock. “Crazy Rich Asians” has been released…

studying abroad

Life Lessons I Gained Through Travel

Travel is transformative. Think about the last time you went to see a different country, experienced a different culture, or spoke with someone who grew up a different…

Mystery Blogger Award

An honor to be nominated for this blog and a chance to pay it forward to other bloggers out there in this crazy, noisy world!

My Self-Care Tips for Motivation

Self-care tips to keep your sanity!

The Year 2017 and What I’m Looking Forward To

Cheers to 2017 and hopes for 2018.

Shalene Flanagan: How She Changed Feminism

How Shalene Flanagan elevates other females and how we can (and should) do the same!

Being a Doctor is Hard. Being a Female Physician is Harder

Let’s talk about gender biases…and their implications for female physicians.

How Did I Get Here?

How Did I Get Here: Life after medical school